Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Maple?

Membership to Maple is offered to all Manitoba educators, clinicians and Manitoba Education staff. If you are a Manitoba teacher, please contact your school administrator to get an account created. You can also use the form on our front page to request accounts directly.

What happens after I get my invite?

You'll receive an email containing a link that you must follow to complete your registration. In this email there will be an invite code to join the Maple network. Once your registration has been completed, you will see a confirmation message on screen. you will then receive an email confirmation, confirming that your email is correct and your registration is complete. Then your account creation is complete and you are free to log in with your email and password that you created!

I received my login but still can't login – who do I contact?

If you have difficulties logging in, please send a message to Maple Support explaining your problem.

Who do I contact for more about Maple?

Please contact the Maple Administration Team with all questions or requests for additional information.

Can Maple be used by parents and students?

Currently, Maple mandate is to help teachers find and organize materials to support instruction. We are working towards tools that will make it easier for teachers to share materials with their students. We will post more information about these updates on For information about the Manitoba curriculum and what is being taught by grade and subject, please visit the Manitoba Education website.

What will I do with my Maple account?

Once you have an account on Maple you will be able to:

  • Set up your personal profile and connect with other educators who have the same interests and curriculum goals.
  • Add resources to your library and share your work with fellow teachers.
  • Search publicly shared resources from groups, friends and other Maple users, then add them to your library.
  • Create lesson plans and flesh them out with materials in different formats from your library, group or friends libraries.
  • Join community of interest groups; get access to group libraries, blogs, wikis, discussions and group events.
  • Provide comments. Your opinions and thoughts on professional matters are valuable to the community.